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Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras provides top quality customer service and support it . Our customers demand excellent service when it comes to meeting their digital video security needs and we make sure they get it every step of the way. We provide prompt service and effective solutions to support the digital video security equipment and installation our customers require.

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Your Security is Our Priority

Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras provides cost-effective solutions for all your security systems needs. With well over fifteen years in the business of installing surveillance cameras and digital video security, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has catered its expert service to a wide range of industry needs. No matter how large the project or how specific the needs, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has prided itself on its track record with customer satisfaction.  Read about us on Yelp.

Commercial CCTV | Protect your place of business with high definition security cameras that not only records HD quality picture but also is designed to  blend seamlessly into your commercial space’s existing décor.

Residential CCTV |Monitor who and what goes in and out of your place of residence with a wifi enabled network of surveillance cameras. Investing in home surveillance systems secures your private property.

Industrial CCTV | Security systems do more than just monitor break-ins and theft. Surveillance cameras discourage and record instances of insurance fraud, saving priceless money from law suits.

Offices CCTV | Maximize the efficiency of your office. Security cameras keep employees inline and on time. CCTV can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

There is a reason why insurance companies offer lower rates to customers, who take it upon themselves to secure their own private property from damage or theft. Investing in a surveillance system for either your home or business acts not only as a potential solution to your security needs, but also as a deterrent. An estimated one in every five households in California has reported an incident of burglary or forced entry, 79% of which was perpetrated through the front door entryway. The presence of CCTV surveillance cameras wards away would-be trespassers and provides video evidence key to identifying culprits.


In the eyes of insurance providers the likes of Nationwide, State Farm and Farmers, CCTV security cameras factor into the equation of calculating rates as reduced risk, which in turn, means less money out of your pocket on a monthly basis. Surveillance systems not only give individuals the ability to capture thieves in the act on the digital video format, but surveillance cameras also function as alarm systems that can be programmed to alert the proper authorities. Harnessing HD quality video streamed over wifi networks, home surveillance systems have made the peace of mind knowing that your private party is safe, accessible via an internet-enabled mobile Smartphone.

Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras specializes in providing security solutions utilizing the latest in video surveillance technology. Having serviced the greater Los Angeles area for more than a decade, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has successfully designed and installed surveillance systems for a wide range of customer needs including the commercial sector. The addition of CCTV security cameras to your commercial real estate property protects your business from robbery and employee theft as well as lowers your business’s insurance rates. Installing surveillance systems also benefits other aspects of your business such as:

  • Protection against false insurance claims.
  • Monitor employee activity and stimulate productivity in the workplace.
  • Observe and document improper workplace conduct.
  • Increase efficiency by allowing business owners to monitor their employees remotely.

Protect that which you value most with CCTV security systems. Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has the years of experience and the expertise to outfit your home or business with surveillance system suited to meet all your needs and add value to your quality of life.

Customer Reviews

  • Shelley S.Yelp

    San Pedro, CA

    Oren was an absolute prince. I had him install cameras at an apartment building that I own. He did a great job! He goes the extra mile to make sure that everything is working and the customer is satisfied. He is a total professional and I will work with him again if I need his services. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a camera system.

  • Chris M.Yelp

    Los Angeles, CA

    He installed 2 cameras and a DVR on the exterior of my recording studio. He was awesome! Quick and responsive and my system turned out great. I'm pretty picky about the way things get done and Oren was more picky than I was!!! Highly recommend him for sure.

  • Mark D.Yelp

    Santa Monica, CA

    Got 6 cameras installed, now i can watch them all from anywhere in the world on my phone, love it. job was done professionally and promptly, no monkey business. highly recommend Oren from CCTV Security Cameras.

  • Lily B.Yelp

    Beverly Hills, CA

    Oren and his team were extremely professional, skilled, and efficient. I feel so much safer sitting in my office all day and leaving it at night. I strongly recommend his services and would encourage anyone to hire him. Thank you Oren!

  • Kate B.Yelp

    New York, NY

    Oren absolutely killed it for both my business and home with his security camera installation. He was professional and thorough and explained everything to me. Above all, now I feel extremely safe. For anyone looking to feel safe and secure, I strongly encourage you to call Oren and his team at CCTV.

  • Dave J.Yelp

    Los Angeles, CA

    First we will thank Oren, but then we must thank all the users here on YELP that gave Oren 5 stars , this really helped us from having to interview a bunch of shmucks that didn't know what they were doing.... Instead we were able to go directly to Oren and get the job done right the first time around, professionally from an honest, experienced & fare vendor. We are extremely happy with our new surveillance system. Everything was done to specifications and on time. We agree - Woohoo! This vendor is as good as it gets!

  • Ron L.Yelp

    Santa Monica, CA

    Got 6 cameras installed, now i can watch them all from anywhere in the world on my phone, love it. job was done professionally and promptly, no monkey business. highly recommend Oren from CCTV Security Cameras.