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Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras provides cost-effective solutions for all your security systems needs. With well over fifteen years in the business of installing surveillance cameras and digital video security, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has catered its expert service to a wide range of industry needs. No matter how large the project or how specific the needs, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has prided itself on its track record with customer satisfaction.

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Having served the Greater Los Angeles area since 1999, Los Angeles CCTV Security Camera’s team of licensed field technicians have successfully completed the installation of well over 1000 business and home surveillance systems.  Whether it is a commercial, a residential, an office, or an industrial space, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has established itself as a trusted name in surveillance security systems. Just read our Yelp reviews from satisfied customers.

Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras specializes in providing security solutions utilizing the latest in video surveillance technology.

There is a reason why insurance companies offer lower rates to customers, who take it upon themselves to secure their own private property from damage or theft. Investing in a surveillance system for either your home or business acts not only as a potential solution to your security needs, but also as a deterrent. An estimated one in every five households in California has reported an incident of burglary or forced entry, 79% of which was perpetrated through the front door entryway. The presence of CCTV surveillance cameras wards away would-be trespassers and provides video evidence key to identifying culprits.

In the eyes of insurance providers the likes of Nationwide, State Farm and Farmers, CCTV security cameras factor into the equation of calculating rates as reduced risk, which in turn, means less money out of your pocket on a monthly basis. Surveillance systems not only give individuals the ability to capture thieves in the act on the digital video format, but surveillance cameras also function as alarm systems that can be programmed to alert the proper authorities. Harnessing HD quality video streamed over wifi networks, home surveillance systems have made the peace of mind knowing that your private party is safe, accessible via an internet-enabled mobile Smartphone.

Having serviced the greater Los Angeles area for more than a decade, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has successfully designed and installed surveillance systems for a wide range of customer needs including the commercial sector. The addition of CCTV security cameras to your commercial real estate property protects your business from robbery and employee theft as well as lowers your business’s insurance rates. Installing surveillance systems also benefits other aspects of your business such as:

  • Protection against false insurance claims.
  • Monitor employee activity and stimulate productivity in the workplace.
  • Observe and document improper workplace conduct.
  • Increase efficiency by allowing business owners to monitor their employees remotely.

Protect that which you value most with CCTV security systems. Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has the years of experience and the expertise to outfit your home or business with surveillance system suited to meet all your needs and add value to your quality of life.

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