Office Property Security Camera Installation

At CCTV Los Angeles, we offer Office Security Camera customers many options when it comes to securing their Office. Our Specialists can install any of the following CCTV Security camera systems based on your specific security requirements and property layout. We specialize in Wired Outdoor Cameras, Wireless Outdoor Cameras, Wired Indoor Cameras, Wireless Indoor Cameras, PTZ Security Cameras, 1080p or 4K Resolution Cameras with state of the art DVRs and NVRs available in multiple storage size options.

Our professionally trained technicians and installers will recommend CCTV Security camera options that could include Dome Cameras, Turret Cameras or Eyeball Cameras based on your business layout.

Office 1080p IP NVR Security Camera Systems

Let CCTV Security Cameras Los Angeles Professional help protect your office with top of the line Surveillance Solutions. Combining IP Wireless connection through Network Video Records (NVR) allows for plenty of room for HD 1080p Camera connections. High Definition 1080p Video Quality delivers crisp, clear surveillance footage leaving nothing to the imagination. Customize your indoor or outdoor Office HD IP wireless camera needs with dome cameras, eyeball cameras or turret cameras.

Office 4K IP NVR Security Camera Systems

Keep your office protected with confidence by installing a professional surveillance solution from CCTV Security Camera Los Angeles Professionals. Providing the highest video quality with 4k High Definition Wireless IP Security Camera System. Combining HD Video with a wireless system eliminates excess cables and allows for multi-channel camera connection via Network Video Recorder (NVR). Several 4k HD Cameras options available for your indoor or outdoor IP Security System needs including Dome Cameras, Eyeball Cameras, Turret Cameras.

Office Analog HD DVR Security Camera Systems

Ensure safety at your office with CCTV Security Camera Los Angeles Professionals. Delivering High Definition Surveillance footage through Analog HD DVR Security Camera Systems. Analog Security Cameras are linked directly to a Digital Video Recorded that records, processes and stores all footage with the highest level of detail and clarity available. Whether you have outdoor or indoor security needs choose from several HD DVR Security Camera options including dome cameras, eyeball cameras or turret cameras.


Office CCTV Security Camera Benefits


CCTV Security Camera systems are set up so you can “set-it-and-forget it”. No need to hire additional personnel to monitor your office’s security. Once we do the installation for you and train you on the software to use on your computer or smartphone, all that’s left to do is to review the data it collects for you. No installation, hardware or technology experience needed!


The FBI state that burglary occurs approximately every 15 minutes in the U.S., and offices without security systems are three times more likely to be burglarized than offices that have security systems. Save yourself the time and money by securing your offices so you wont have to pay legal fees and damage replacement cost after a crime occurs.


With CCTV Security Systems feel at ease no matter where you are. Check on your office or staff while you are on vacation or quickly check on your building after hours. Video feed and security alerts are right at your fingertip with just a few clicks of your Smartphone. We provide you a piece of mind wherever in the world you might be, your business is protected and monitored.


Employee theft is something that every business owner has to deal with. With CCTV Office Security Camera systems you can reduce the risk of employee theft or even unauthorized access to areas you have secured off. Whether you have an office of 5 employees or a call center of over 100 you can safely monitor the activity of your employees.

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